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Endorsement by Mr. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat Print E-mail


Bhairon Singh Shekhawat
Vice-President of India from August 2002 to July 2007

July 19, 2007

I am happy to know that a Publication titled "Dadi Nani - Memories of Our Grandmothers" edited by Subhash Mathur and Subodh Mathur has been brought out. My heartiest congratulations for bringing out such a useful publication.

The book in the form of stories narrating the life sketches of grandmother, I am sure, shall be quite useful to understand their contribution not only in nurturing the bonds of love and affection among family members but also in making readers realise their contribution towards inculcating and nurturing good Indian values among grandchildren.

I wish the Publication all success.

Bhairon Singh Shekhawat

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Endorsement by Mr. Hamid Ansari Print E-mail


Mohammad Hamid Ansari
Vice President of India from August 2007

July 21, 2007

Dear Mathur saheb,

Thank you so much for sending me a copy of Dadi Nani: Memories of Our Grandmothers.

This is a delightfully unusual compilation. I wish a much bigger compendium, involving many more such recollections, could be produced.

There was a stage when people would scoff at 'grandmother's tales'. With a lot of hinsight we now know that these tales were not fiction, were based on facts, and had merely been enriched in telling. They thus, constitute the raw material of history.

I am confident that people of all ages would benefit by reading the book.

With best wishes,

Your sincerely,

M. H. Ansari

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